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Errors and Omissions Insurance

Attention: The notary bond protects the public, NOT the notary!

Can you afford a costly lawsuit because you made an innocent mistake? Notary public errors & omissions insurance protects you against such situations! Even if the suit is not valid, you may still face legal bills for defending yourself. If you are not insured, you will pay defense costs out of your own pocket, win or lose. An E&O policy will pay for damages imposed by a court or in a settlement agreement and attorney fees up to the limits of the coverage.

Get the protection you need so you can perform your notarial duties with confidence!


Order Montana Notary Errors & Omissions Insurance

Why purchase Notary E&O insurance?

A small mistake can be very expensive. Notarial losses are becoming more common every day, from small suits to major verdicts involving tens of thousand of dollars. The required Montana notary bond DOES NOT cover you in these cases. Just as you protect your home, car and other personal effects with insurance, you need to protect your notarial acts with Montana notary public errors and omissions insurance. The term of the policy is the same as your notary commission. Policies may be purchased at a nominal premium with varying limits.


Benefits of Notary E&O Insurance:

*Protects you from unnecessary lawsuits

*Doesn't require repayment of claims

*No deductible

*Ensures insurance company will provide expert legal defense if needed

*Covers claim, legal defense fees & court costs up to your policy's limit


Notary Public Underwriters of Montana highly recommends including notary errors and omission insurance with your new or renewal notary package. If you have already become a Montana notary or renewed your Montana notary commission, you can still purchase notary insurance coverage from us! Visit our notary insurance section to see the coverage options that we offer for Montana notaries. If you have any questions, contact our customer service team.